Graviton is a proprietary quantitative trading firm striving for excellence in financial markets’ research. From backtesting infrastructure to building new strategies, we employ some of the most advanced and sophisticated techniques to identify and profit from market inefficiencies.

Pursuit of complete automation of trading to ensure large scalable processes and systems drives us. Using a gamut of concepts and techniques ranging from time series analysis, filtering, classification, stochastic models, pattern recognition to statistical inference, we analyse terabytes of data to come up with ideas which help us identify pricing anomalies in financial markets.

The big question is whether understanding the certain market dynamics is a key factor in making them forecastable to a certain degree. We believe the answer is Yes! The focus at Graviton is to understand markets better to profit from them. We trade across a multitude of asset classes and trading venues with significant market share and constantly seeking to replicate our successes to newer exchanges and products.

Our high performance low latency trading platform is at the core of our competitive edge. Our systems process billions of transactions enabling our researchers to make profitable trades across markets. Our team comprises of some of the best programmers in India working on cutting edge technologies to build a super fast and robust trading infrastructure handling millions of dollars worth of trading transactions every day.